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The Apus (Mountain Spirits) are calling you...

San Pedro & Ayahuasca Retreats in the Sacred Valley, Peru

Let us take you on a journey of self discovery and spiritual expansion in the Andean mountains. Our San Pedro (Huachuma) and Ayahuasca retreat is a mix of cultural immersion and medicine ceremonies set in Pisac, Sacred Valley, Peru. You’ll be in ceremony from start to finish, whether you are visiting the Pisac market, hiking in the mountains on San Pedro (huachuma), sitting in a coffee shop with other journeyers, enjoying a San Pedro fire ceremony, or experiencing ayahuasca in the Shaman’s maloca.

Plant Medicine Ceremonies

This spiritual healing retreat will be a felt experience of being in this world of sacred discovery, a portal between the seen and unseen worlds. On ceremony days we meet the shaman who guides us on the medicine journey and we completely surrender to the magic. Come do San Pedro and Ayahuasca in Peru and let yourself be guided by our local shamans and receive the ancient knowledge passed down through generations.

Healing Community

We come together as a supportive community to hold and lift each other as we explore our connection to nature and ourselves. Integration is emphasized throughout with group shares after each plant medicine ceremony. People heal best in a supportive, loving community. Our group process in this plant medicine retreat provides exactly that. It is the perfect setting for deep exploration, healing and growth, all while making new friends and lasting connections.

Let the metamorphosis begin...

What Makes Us Unique

This San Pedro and Ayahuasca retreat in Peru is a holistic experience aligned to the Andean Cosmovision, a perspective that emphasizes spirit, connection to nature and sacred ceremonies conducted with reverence and love. Immerse yourself in the energy of the Sacred Valley and its vibrant local culture. Open to the wisdom and teachings of your ancestors with the help of sacred medicine. Sit around the fire deepening your connection with yourself, with nature and with each other with guidance from your experienced facilitators and shamans. Spend two weeks exploring all of this in the energy of these sacred lands.

Your healing and growth is important to us, and that means integration. After each ceremony we conduct integration circles designed to help you process and embody what you have experienced.

Join us in our San Pedro and Ayahuasca retreats in Peru for the experience of a lifetime.

San Pedro & Ayahuasca Ceremonies

You’ll be in ceremony from start to finish on this adventure. The magic of the sacred valley permeates all we do. Every interaction, every discomfort, every insight is part of the ceremony.

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Shamanic Healing Wisdom

Meet local shamans who will guide you and help you see from the wisdom of the ancient Andean cultures. There is something new everyday for those who seek to learn and grow.

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Self-Discovery, Self Healing

Go deep inside and make discoveries beyond your limited perception of yourself and the world. The sacred medicine of Peru will open your spirit to new possibilities. Come experience our healing retreats and witness the magic unfolding.

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Receive the support and guidance you need from experienced healers and facilitators and share your discoveries with your fellow explorers after each of our San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies. Helping you in your growth is our number one priority.

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Walk the Inca trails in the mountains of the Sacred Valley. Let your mind be at rest in the beauty and energy of this land enhanced by powerful medicines that will heighten your connection to the Spirit world.

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Discover the beauty of the Sacred Valley, visit the town of Pisac and Cusco. Catch a festival or enjoy the restaurants and cafes. Shop in the local shaman stores for unique artisan-made items.

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Explore Machu Picchu, the Pisac ruins, the Temple of the Moon and other historic sites. Learn about the Andean cosmovision from a local expert. Participate in temascal, despacho and sound bath ceremonies.

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Your retreat centre offers comfortable semi-private rooms and single beds. A limited number of private queen rooms are available at an additional cost.

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Your retreat includes 2 meals per day made from locally grown produce. You will be served delicious salads, lots of fruit and vegetables, soups fresh sandwiches, scrumptious pancakes, and eggs in different shapes and forms, among other things. We accommodate medicine dietas and most dietary requirements.

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Experience profound spiritual, emotional & physical healing through sacred plant medicine.

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Embark on a journey of profound transformation...

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Come, experience the plant medicines of Peru in a safe and sacred container in Pisac, the Sacred valley. Offering San Pedro & Ayahuasca Retreats.

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