Huachuma (San Pedro) & Ayahuasca Retreat Itinerary

Our intent in these San Pedro and Ayahuasca retreats is to take you on a journey of self discovery and spiritual expansion in the Andes mountains in Sacred Valley, Peru with the help of sacred plant medicine and integration sessions led by Integration professionals, Elena Dabul, Angi Gyongyver and Jim Ducker.

When you arrive at Cusco airport our drivers pick you up and bring you to Pisac. After you settle, we all gather and have our first opening circle calling the Sacred Valley’s energy into the group as you meet your fellow journeyers and begin this transformative experience.

San Pedro & Ayahuasca Ceremonies Lead by Local Shamans

The two ayahuasca ceremonies and three San Pedro (huachuma) ceremonies alternate with many other heart-centered activities. All the details are taken cared of for you. Your job is to be present in each moment and surrender to the profound teachings that abound.

On ceremony days we wake up early, meet the shaman who guides us on the medicine journey with his assistants, and we completely surrender to the magic of plant medicine. Let yourself be guided, you are in good hands with Nacho, our Ayahuasca shaman and Miguel, our Huachuma (San Pedro) shaman. Group integration circles will take place the same day after the ceremony. Light meals served.

On integration days we have integration pod meetings in the mornings where you will be sharing your experience with your group. Your pod leader and podmates will be the same people throughout the trip. Changing pods is an option. The group process helps integrate the experience deeper and provide you with solid support. There will also be one-on-one integration sessions with your pod leader, who will help you create a roadmap for integration tailored specifically to your needs. The pod leaders will be Elena, Angi and Jim.

Later, you can join us in that day’s exciting planned activity or just relax, journal, do some yoga, meditation,or journaling, among other things. One of our activities is a full day trip to another town or local tourist site. You have several blocks of free time to choose from activities in the area including ecstatic dance, kirtan with cacao ceremonies, visiting the shaman shops in Pisac, hiking the archeological sites, shopping in the crafts market, enjoying a delicious meal in town, making friends with other like-minded people, watching a festival and more, depending on what’s available.

Day 1 – Arrival Day

Travel to Pisac

Arrive at retreat center

Opening circle and agreements

Andean Cosmovision & Despacho ceremony

We start with an opening circle with authentic shares, and then connection exercises and agreements to facilitate deeper bonding and safety within the container. At the end you will chose your podmates and podleaders you will work with throughout your stay. The intent is to develop a strong support system with your podmates and podleaders and help each other in your integration process. We call this a multi-layered integration system, individual and group sessions.

Day 2

Preparation for Ayahuasca ceremony

First Ayahuasca ceremony

We meet before our Ayahuasca ceremony. Here you have a chance to share your excitement, fears, anxieties, and intent with the group and receive support and encouragement. Then we will all go together to the shaman for the ceremony. Let yourself be guided in total surrender and trust that the shaman and your facilitators, Elena, Jim and Angi will be there at every step to guide you.

Don’t forget, that the more you lean into the ceremony, the more you get out of it. We always think that there are no bad journeys, they might be uncomfortable or painful, but they are all here to teach us something. Some of them will be filled with light and utmost joy, where you will feel close to Spirit.

Day 3

Integration Activities

Pisac market & town visit

Day 4

Herbalist visit

Preparation for Ayahuasca ceremony

Second Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 5

Integration Activities

Sound bath

Day 6

Day trip (location TBD)

Return to Pisac

Day 7

First San Pedro Ceremony (hike)

Day 8

Integration Activities

Andean community visit

Day 9

Second San Pedro Ceremony (hike)

Day 10

Integration Activities

Temazcal (Sweat lodge)

Day 11

Third San Pedro Ceremony (hike)

Day 12

Integration Activities

Free afternoon

Day 13

Closing Activities

Retreat Ends

Travel to Cusco

** Dates and events may vary by retreat.

Embark on a journey of profound transformation...

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